Another one done, and another class!

Wanted to share some lovely pics of this almost finished Quilt-as-you-Go! Still need to bind it, then it's done! and yes, it has Paige's stamp of approval ;)

I used my modern Quilt-as-you-Go technique featured in my upcoming book, Quilt-as-you-Go Made Modern, in stores this September! Crazy to think that's only a couple months away now.

I love the stack of quilted blocks right before assembly...
Laying them out and rearranging them is always fun too. 

And here's my big boy on a dainty, girly-girl quilt. ;) Maybe my next quilt should have more neutrals and blues?

Also, I have an upcoming Quilt-as-you-Go class at The Quilting Loft in Ballard, Seattle. Register HERE and come quilt with me!

I wanted to share this beautiful picture of a Quilt-as-you-Go that one of my students sent me - she took my class at The Quilting Loft a couple months ago. This is by the lovely Sarah @oscarandthesparrow (on instagram). Isn't is gorgeous...and even more impressive, can you believe this was her very FIRST quilt?!

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Just a quick post to share what I've been up to (as i try to type this up before my son wakes up!).

And to brighten up your Monday, I shall leave you with some pictures of my furry child, Paige, modeling my latest. ;) Have a great week!

Happy Quilting!

xoxo jera


it's been a beautiful Spring in Seattle!

 I'm currently working on two new quilts which I will share with you here. But this post is also to share some random (but pretty) photos I've captured this Spring. I hope they make you smile. :)

This Spring I've been really inspired by all of the gorgeous flowers blooming in my yard and at the Farmer's Market. It's been showing through my quilting. Though most of the flowers in my yard are wilted by now, I'm trying to keep the blooms alive with my quilts. 

Above is my latest Quilt as you Go (my book "Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern" comes out this September!). Though it's not quite assembled yet, it's already Paige-approved.

Ba-da-boom! I'll never tire of these luscious blooms. It makes me sad that peonies only come once a year, but it also makes them all the more special. :) 

There's nothing better than a fresh vase of flowers...(and stack-o-fabric from Whimsy Quilts)...to brighten your entryway, am i right? Obviously Paige agrees (as you can see from her excitement). 

I'll be sure to do another post once this quilt is finished.  Paige continues to cheer me on even with all these work-in-progresses. Too many projects, too little time. I guess Paige will be lounging on some unfinished quilts for a while.

My weekly stop to the Farmer's Market. At $5 bundle, no gal can say no!

Another week, another bundle. I'm telling you...I've been really inspired by flowers this Spring! Hanging on the wall is my Tiny Tulips pattern (www.jeraluisa.etsy.com). :) It's the perfect entryway quilt.

Also, I just had to brag about this. I'm one of those people that never win anything. Until now! Check out this cute red, white and blue banner I won from Debbie at Happy Little Cottage

I didn't win these handmade crocheted cherries, but aren't they adorable? I got these from Heather over at Vintage Grey Handmade. I've kind of been obsessed with all these handmade goodies thanks to instagram.

And here are the fabrics I'm working with for my next pattern. Don't you love the vintage/French yet traditional vibe of this collection? It's a mix of Maison Blue by Robyn Pandolph and the Durham Collection by Lecien.

Another unfinished quilt for Paige to lounge on...but she's not complaining.  Here's a sneak peak of the quilt. And some fun news, when the pattern comes out (hopefully within the next month), I've collaborated with Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics  to do a quilt kit to go with my pattern, so stay tuned!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and seeing what i've been up to. It was a bit random, only because I don't post often enough!

With that i'll leave you with this super-happy picture of the "cute room" at Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell, WA. I'm teaching a class here on June 29th. If you'd like to sign up, i believe there's one spot left. :)
Happy Quilting!


Summer Star Mini and Pam Kitty Garden!

I'm a little late in doing a blog post about this one: This is my latest mini pattern called Summer Star Mini. It measures 37"x37" and you can get it at my little Etsy shop (for only $4.75 limited time!) www.jeraluisa.etsy.com There's an option for a paper pattern (shipping is on me!) or an instant download of a PDF pattern. This is a charm pack friendly pattern.

Also, for a limited time my friend Cristi at Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics is selling a full quilt kit to make this exact quilt pictured above.  It comes with everything - all the supplies to make the quilt top, backing fabric, one of my paper patterns and binding! You can find the kits HERE. If she's sold out of the kits (her kits go quickly!) and you would like one, just leave me a comment and I'll hook you up.

The fabrics used for this quilt are by Pam Kitty Morning for LakeHouse Drygoods LLC. I absolutely adore Pam and her fabrics. And what's really exciting is Pam and Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Fabrics are coming out with a new fabric collection called Pam Kitty Garden that I am absolutely panicked about. I must buy it ALL.

For Spring Quilt Market (last week), Pam and Holly used my Summer Star Mini pattern to help showcase their Pam Kitty Garden collection for their distributor booklet. Check it out! The page layout and fabrics are all by Lakehouse Drygoods Fabrics.

(click to enlarge)

How cute is that!? 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest! I'm currently working on a Summer Star Mini pattern using the Mirabelle charm pack (above) - it comes together really quickly, in fact I'm almost done! Check out my Facebook and/or Instagram for current updates on it.

 Also, don't forget to grab a quilt kit or pattern on your way out ;)

Quilt Kits!


Quilt-As-You-Go non-stop! More Projects and Classes

Sharing some Quilt-as-you-Go projects I've been working on including some new classes! Sorry that i've been MIA on my blog - it's been a crazy week. I was up until 3:30am the other night doing a FINAL book review. The next time I see my book, it will be published and in actual book form! yay!!

Here's a lovely low volume pillow that I made last week. I'm kind of obsessed with these cottage, shabby-chic prints lately.

I made it using these beautiful scraps I had lying around. QAYGo is seriously the ultimate scrap buster. 

Last weekend is rained. And rained some more. So of course I started a new Quilt-as-you-Go quilt using these cheery prints.

Here's block number 1.  Only 19 more to go.

As mentioned, I can't stop buying these cutesy prints. I bought these two adorable bundles from Keepsake Cottage Fabrics last week.  It's dangerous for a fabriholic like myself because I'm teaching there now, and I buy something every time. :-o
Speaking of teaching! My next class is at Keepsake Cottage Fabrics on Saturday, May 24. It's already full but you can call to be put on the wait list, as we will be scheduling more classes there. I will be teaching this Quilt-as-you-Go:

Fabrics are from the Rosey collection by Tanya Whelan. 

Below is a picture from a Quilt-as-you-Go class I taught last Tuesday at the Quilting Loft.  I really love teaching and meeting so many wonderful people that we all share a passion with: quilting and fabric! I have a class coming up at the Quilting Loft on Tuesday, June 10th. I have a bunch more classes lined up there that have not been posted yet so stay tuned.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by as I try to keep my blog up to date!

happy quilting!



My New Book and New Quilt in Progress!

This is a short and very sweet post to share some exciting news, along with my latest Quilt as you Go.

Here's the exciting news: last week my book became available for pre-sale on Amazon! Over a year ago I submitted a book proposal and heard back sooner than expected from my publisher. Then, I had 3.5 months to crank out 13 new quilt projects and write the book. It's been a whirlwind of an experience, and seeing it available for pre-sale makes it so real! The book will be in stores mid-Sept., and will ship out from big retailers (i.e. Amazon) on October 1st. I'll most likely be doing some book signings at local quilt shops so please stay tuned. :) 

With that, I wanted to share some pretty pictures of my latest Quilt as you Go. I've shared some of these photos on Instagram and/or Facebook, but I wanted to keep my bloggers updated as well. :)

Also, I have a Quilt as you Go class on May 6th at the Quilting Loft in Ballard, WA. I think there's a couple spots open if you're in the area and want to sign up and learn the technique!

The collection I'm using is called Rosey my Tanya Whelan. (If you love it, use code RAIN15 for 15% off your entire purchase).

Some eye candy for all you fellow fabri-holics:

Here's the blocks all quilted and ready to assemble.
And it obviously wouldn't be a proper picture without my model and faithful quilting buddy, Paige.
 And here it is all assembled. It's refreshing how quickly a quilt comes together using this technique!
I'm working on binding it now, so I'll have more pictures of it up once it's all finished.

I was inspired by the colors of my vintage dish collection  to make this quilt.

A cozy little corner in my home. :) 

Anyway, that's it for now! I guess this ended up being a not-so-short post, but it was really sweet as promised! :)

I'll have another post up real soon that I'm super excited to share with you all. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my quilty-endeavors with me.

happy quilting!


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